Has your home been determined to have a termite infestation placing the safety and value of your home at risk? We can help! Florida is ranked as one of the highest at risk for termites within the United States, a fact confirmed all to often by homeowners and potential home buyers.

We offer great options to immediately treat and kill the termite infestations of your home to include Eastern Subterranean termites, Formosan termites & Drywood termites. We also provide options after treatment for the long term prevention needed to stop reinfestation by termites as well as other wood destroying organisms through our Termidor & Premise product brands. Why choose a servcie like Bug Away Inc, to treat your termite problems?

Although many termite control products are available at retail for private purchase, they are often mis-applied or are not maintained thus reducing or eliminating their effectiveness. Additionally, most over the counter products are designed for spot treatment and do not act to seal or protect all areas of the home and property like commercial services have to offer. Furthermore, many home owners simply cannot gain ready access to important areas of ther home or have daily schedules preventing them from taking the time and steps needed to properly protect a home.

Don't let your home suffer, call us today for low cost, fast and ongoing solutions to your termite control problem.


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