Mosquitoes are found throughout the U.S. although some species are more common in certain regions. One of these, the Asian tiger mosquito, is found primarily in the South although it has moved into the northeast over the past few years. Asian tiger mosquitoes are unique in that they feed during the day, unlike many mosquitoes that feed only at dusk and dawn. They're annoying because of the itchy mosquito bites they leave behind, but they can also pose a far more serious threat. Malaria, West Nile virus and dengue fever are of greatest concern in the U.S.

As mosquitoes lay eggs in water, they are common around marshes and lakes but can breed in as little as a ½ inch of standing water. This underscores the importance of homeowners regularly checking their property for containers that could be collecting water and providing a safe harbor for mosquitoes to grow. The best way to avoid any mosquito-borne disease is to prevent mosquito bites.

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