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(WDO) Wood destroying organisms can be devastating to your home in structural safety, appearance and home value. Bug Away Inc provides WDO inspection services that include location and treatment for insects, fungusm termites, beetles, fungus and moisture that destroy the wood of your home.

Wood destroying organism inspections are not performed by just anybody and must be done by state licensed people. Persons performing wood-destroying organism inspections are required to have a pest control identification card from the State designating them as having received special training to perform WDO inspections.

Remember that often the discovery of WDO's can lead to the discovery of other types of potential problems or insect infestations that home owners or potential home buyers should be aware of. Inspections are done in a timely manner and are reported to the home owner or potential buyer on a state issued form for proper record keeping. With Florida consistently being ranked in the top 5 states for bug infestation problems, it is important fo you to take steps to keep your home clear of such problems.

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